Chock full o'Nuts

For this vote, you are the Executive. You decide.

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Chock full o’Nuts will donate $25,000 to the charity
of the team that receives the most votes.

On a recent episode of NBC's The Celebrity Apprentice®, teams were tasked with creating a video for Chock full o’Nuts that had the potential to go viral. The instructions were clear. Chock is a fun New York brand so the video should be action-packed and truly buzz-worthy and it should not feel like a traditional commercial.

Judging should be based on three criteria: creativity, brand messaging and ultimate entertainment value.
Team Infinity won the challenge but now it's your turn to play the role of “Executive” and make the call.
Pillow Fight Team Infinity Video
Team Infinity - Leeza Gibbons
Charity: Leeza’s Care Connection
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Share with your friends. One vote per day. Contest ends on February 15, 2015.
The Celebrity Apprentice
Chock Jingle Team Vortex Video
Team Vortex - Lorenzo Lamas
Charity: Boot Campaign
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