Man Looking Upwards To the Right While Drinking Coffee

Who should be New York Roasted?

You deserve a great cup at a good price. And people who want to pay too much or fuss too much? They deserve to be roasted.

Your typical coffee offender lineup…

If you can’t laugh at yourself, who can laugh at you? Well, your friends for starters:

Woman Stirring Her Coffee
I Don't Really Want Coffee, I Want Dessert.

The Sugar Fiend

Black & White Photo of a Woman Drinking Coffee
I'll Take My Coffee with Extra Adjectives, Please.

The Poser

Man Sitting Down Holding a Cup Of Coffee
OMG, Making My Own Coffee is SOOO Complicated.

The “Helpless” One

Woman Drinking Coffee In a Park
I Don't Have Money But Here's $8 for Bean Water.

The Budget Buster

Man Looking Upwards To the Right While Drinking Coffee
This Guy. Just Because.


Here’s a few of our favorite roasts.

Dan from Providence
Buys a medium cold brew black and thinks he’s such a tough guy.

Lena from Memphis
Drinks half cafs. 8 of them a day. Just have a giant cup of regular and call it a day.

Mark from Sarasota
Puts so much artificial sweetener in I’m surprised he isn’t glowing by now.

Sasha from York
Takes a picture of every latte she drinks. It’s coffee, not a baby.

Gordon from New York
Spends 10 bucks a day on his fancy coffee shop habit.

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How long can we go on making fun of silly coffee choices? Let’s find out.